Tips for better photos

Although almost every photo can be fixed in Photoshop, it would be the best to shot awesome pictures that do not need any type of editing. You can actually improve your photography skills and take better photos if you practice every day and you know your equipment thoroughly. Different subjects and angles require different settings, but are you aware of all your camera’s capabilities?

Know your equipment’s potential

If you know what the tiny icons on your camera mean, it does not mean that you know how to use them for your advantage. Read the manuals then play with the aperture, shutter priority mode and white balance. Practice until you will discover the best ways to use your camera and notice that the pictures taken on auto mode can be exceeded by those taken on manual mode. Explore and master shutter priority and aperture, then play with colours in the white balance.


Do not be frightened by histograms, they are actually your friend. They show you if your image is over or under exposed, so learn how to read them if you want to become a better photographer. When the place where you take the photo session does not have appropriate lighting, AEB – Automatic Exposure Bracketing – is frequently overlooked by both newbies and more experienced photographers. It will allow you to manually play with exposure and your photos will look way better if you will find the best settings for that particular place and lighting conditions.

Shutter release technique

Shutter release technique is probably the first thing you have to learn once you know how to correctly hold your digital camera. But using the focal point and getting sharp images are also a must if your goal is to get better photographs. Understand exposure, take as many photographs as you can and do not be afraid to experiment! Use your creativity and you will sure discover the best way to shot amazing photos!