Interesting photography facts

No expensive equipment

Most people are convinced that if you have very expensive equipment, your photographs will look sunning. But that is not necessarily true. You have to know how to use your equipment and you definitely need vision and talent in order to take gorgeous shots. Though the camera is capable of taking fantastic photos, the brains, eyes and hands behind the camera are more important than the price of the equipment.

Rediscover photography

If you own an expensive camera, that does not make you a professional photographer. Even if you are passionate about photography and you followed some photography courses, you need to take thousands of shots until you can say that you are experienced enough. Play with your equipment, read thoroughly the manuals and discover what the properties of modes and functions can do.

Master your skills

Master your skills and creativity by shooting subjects under different lights and angles. Choose interesting subjects, pay attention to the background and make sure you perfectly frame your subject. Take your photos under a golden light if you want to obtain golden pictures: sunrises and sunsets are the best time for photography sessions. Whether you are attracted by black-an-white or colour photography pay attention to light when you want to capture something.

Canon and Nikon

There is a constant battle against Canon and Nikon, but the truth is that your skills and creativity are more important when you want to take good photos. Do not stick to someone’s opinion when you purchase or use your camera. Make sure you will learn everything about your equipment and try your best to shot your subject under the best angles and circumstances, regardless you own a Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm or any other camera.

Practice your kills each day if you want to become a better photographer. Capture people, sports, cars, planes, architectures and anything else that draws your attention. Use your camera on a regular basis and you will certainly become the professional photographer that you dream to be one day!