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Hi my name is Anthony and i was born in 1965. I didn’t take up photography until 2005 after i had suffered a brain tumour. I was looking for something that i would be able to do from my wheelchair or electric buggy, I think I may have found something.
I served in the RAF for 16 years and enjoyed tours overseas at Decimomanu in Sardinia, Laarbruch in Germany as well as operations in Cyprus, Falkland Islands and Saudi Arabie. I was medically discharged from the RAF in October 2007 and i now live in Easingwold near York.
I’ve had the good fortune to work with experienced photographers and I now have images published in The Classic Motorcycle Magazine, every month during the racing season, for The Lansdowne Classic Series now to be The British Classic Championship. I may be an amateur photographer but i'm totally professional in my approach and execution. I take great pride in post processing my images and try and achieve the best possible results. I’m really easy going, almost horizontal, i’m cheeky, enjoy a laugh which is essential in my situation. I decided to create this Website as an extension of my photography after studying web design at college.
I really enjoy my photography, it gives me focus and a lot to look forward to. I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as i enjoyed taking them. If you have any questions, comments or requests then please feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards

New Gallery created for my son Liam who is just starting to get interested in photography.

I think the images are great especially as it was the first time he has used the camera and bear in mind he is only 9 years old..

Breighton Airfield Sunday 19th April

An aerobatic competion was held at Breighton Airfield, although the displays were too high to photograph it was still a great day out.

Sidecars from Croft Saturday April 18th

A cloudy and chilly day at Croft but enjoyable nonetheless.

Managing real estate portfolios with David Azzato

After our last interview we heard David Azzato is doing something new - real estate. So we needed to find a way to talk to him again and find out something more about it. We managed to meet him at his office only a few weeks after that and this is what he told us.

"Hi David, it is nice to meet you again." - "Hi, thank you. It is nice to me you again, and it is incredible how you manage to find a way to contact my team. But I love talking to you and you are always welcome." he replied. "Thank you, that means a lot to me."

"We heared you are getting into the real estate business. Why?" - "Well, you heared right. My team and I started doing some investments in the real estate industry and taking care of our clients' ones. We have added some experts to our team and get new ideas more than ever.", David replied.

"How did you get the idea for this?" - "I did not. It was my team that came up with this. They saw a great potential for us in the real estate industry. And we have a few real estate experts in our team already. After weeks of talking about our ideas and creating possible solution we were ready to take our first step into the real estate world."

"You and your team always do a great job, we are sure this will also become one of the things you are known for." - "We just want to make a difference and help pur clients do the best moves. The real estate industry is changing all the time, and if you can predict thing you are ahead of the time, so it gives you more possibilities to do the right steps in order to earn or secure money."

"How is the real estate industry standing right now?" - "It is at a low point. Which is good, because one day it will go up again, and who makes the right moves now will in the future be happy because of it.", he smiled. "How do you decide if it is a low point or a high?" - "The prices tell us. With the time, along with the economy and everything the prices of real estate change. People want more or less to live somewhere, so the prices change according to that. It is tricky and very hard to follow all the changes and to decide how they will effect the real estate industry."

"Is it everything about selling and buying?" - "No, the most money comes from rents. If you invest in a building you don't have to leave it empty until the prices are high enough to sell it. That would be crazy. But the real estate business is not a deal overnight where you can make yourself rich. My team and I want the highest satisfaction for both, the owner and the renter or buyer of a real estate, and that is why we worked so hard on our solutions. We maximize the value of our clients asset from acquisition through management operations and eventual sale. We provide services that need to enhance our clients' investments' value by increasing revenue, making the expenses as small as possible, while keeping the same quality, and maximizing the asset value. All this is making the profit higher without losing on quality.", said David.

"How do you make it?" - "My team and I created a few solutions and strategy plans that I cannot tell you much about, because they are a little secret of ours. But these solutions make sure both the owner and the user/buyer of the place are satisfied. We also found a few ways to better and more efficient analyze the market and it's conditions, so we can provide best possible advices to our costumers."

"Do you want to say anything to those who want to get into the real estate business themselves?" - "Well, the best way is to contact a real estate manager, like we are, to get the best out of what you have, or want to have. But if you want to do it all by yourself you will need to start small, because it is a tricky business and people can lose a lot of money in a short period of time. It is also a long game, you will never be able to stop for a few weeks, because the industry never rests, and so must you be always ready to make steps in order to secure or enhance your investments. Always look for deals and expect to get money on the front end. If you dive into buying real estate just so you start with the business, you will maybe never be able to get back your money. If you are young don't hesitate. Start as early as posible, because you will need years and years to find out all the secrets of the industry. Find a way to reconcile with losses, because they will come every now and then.", that was all David Azzato had to say to help you with managing your own real estate portfolio.

"It seem quite risky to do it all by yourself, but are your services any safer, do you ensure no losses?" - "We cannot ensure there will be no losses. We are much safer and our previous projects have shown that we know what we are doing. You see, we never dive into something unless we are 100% sure we can make it really good, if not the best.", David replied with a smile. "I have realized that, and I would personaly let you manage my real estate portfolio. We wish you luck and hope of getting a chance to talk to you soon again."

We left David Azzato's office with a rush of getting into the real estate business as soon as we get a chance.